PUSH & GO Drill bits for sockets

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Drill bits for sockets

8.3 / 9.1 / 11.1 / 12.7 / 13.5 mm

22330.0960 – 22330.0964

36,94 72,19 

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  • Suitable for: Suitable drills for all sizes of sockets for wooden and plastic stocks – not for enlarging of existing holes, but only suitable for
    new drillings. For an easy and fast installation.


ArticleSuitable for the following sockets 22330.xxxxArticle Number
1/2" (12,7 mm)0801, 0804, 0807, 0810, 0834, 0837, 088322330.0960
7/16" (11,11 mm)0802, 0805, 0808, 0811, 0835, 0838, 088422330.0961
23/64" (9,13 mm)0827, 0830, 0842, 0845, 088822330.0962
21/64" (8,33 mm)0825, 0826, 0828, 0829, 0840, 0841, 0843, 0844, 0886, 088722330.0963
13,5 mm0803, 0806, 0809, 0812, 0836, 0839, 088522330.0964


Whether shooting range, raised hide, cleaning or transport, the rifle sling must be removed frequently. The PUSH & GO sling swivels offer the fastest and safest solution for this. The tensile forces are up to 170 kg for the 6.0 mm version.

Yes, 9.5 mm and 6.0 mm systems can be combined on one gun. This means that theoretically you could use a different type of socket on the front stock than on the rear stock.

Basically yes. Therefore we offer numerous variants to cover the complete spectrum. For example, our 6.0 mm versions are ideal for slim rifles. In addition, we offer a flexible mount solution especially for shotguns.

In principle yes, you will find the necessary technical data such as hole diameters on the back of the packaging. However, we still recommend installation by a gunsmith with the appropriate tools.

Yes, the complete development and production takes place at our company in Achstetten-Bronnen near Ulm in Germany.

No, all parts (including the spring inside) of our PUSH & GO sling swivels are made of stainless steel. An almost 100-hour salt spray test, which was passed without damage, proves this more than clearly. By means of a special process, the sling swivels of our PUSH & GO range are manufactured in such a way that no disturbing noises can occur. An endurance test with over 100,000 repeat cycles confirms this in an impressive way.

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Holzbohrer Größe

Ø 1/2″ (12,7 mm), Ø 13,5 mm, Ø 21/64″ (8,33 mm), Ø 23/64″ (9,13 mm), Ø 7/16″ (11,11 mm)


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